Help make it happen for watchX - Wearable Development Platform

It’s time to move development from desk to wrist.

There are many attempts to develop either wearable or all in one development boards. These development boards are called “easy to use”, but many require cabling, additional sensors, power supply to function. These sensors and additional materials are almost as expensive as the product itself. The vast majority of them do not go farther than collecting dust on the table and create an image clutter.

watchX addresses these problems. It’s an Arduino/Scratch compatible wrist worn development board. Unlike other development boards, watchX does not require additional cabling, power source or sensors to operate. What is most unique about watchX though is you wear it in everyday life.

It’s a multi-purpose wearable that anyone can develop.It's primarily a wrist watch but It also compatible with Arduino/Scratch/Atmel Studio so that you can program the watch into a completely new device. From gaming to health monitoring, watchX can easily adapt what you need.

Watch's case can also be 3D printed into any design you want. watchX will allow anyone to unleash their imagination and improve their programming skills on the go.


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