TargeT, established in 2013 with the motto ‘right on target for technology transfer’, is the technology transfer office of Gaziantep University.

The Dream of TargeT Inc.

Within the innovation ecosystem that has passed from ‘single researcher-single laboratory model’ to ‘aggregate innovation’ and ‘joint production’ models, becoming the best technology transfer company serving as a model for both Turkey and other countries with limited resources.

Sole Purpose of TargeT Inc.

To serve as a bridge/interface between science and applied innovation by mobilizing the innovations brought by technology and science for the sustainable collaboration among university, industry and society.

The Logo of TargeT Inc.

  • Two ‘T’ letters in the logo represents university and industry in terms of technology.
  • While the bidirectional red arrow indicates the transfer process (the transfer of technology, information and innovation from university to industry and the transfer of experience and know-how from industry to university), Ar-Ge (Turkish abbreviation for ‘research and development’) reflects that research and development is the target of our organization, as the abbreviation stands right in the center of the logo.
  • The logo referring to both Turkish and English lays emphasis on the international vision and targets.
  • The abbreviation ‘GAÜN’ in the logo, and also red and dark-blue colors address to the relationship of the company with Gaziantep University.
  • Irregular, even typo-like looking spelling of the name ‘TargeT’ represent our out-of-the-ordinary, innovative and creative mentality.
  • Target is a registered trademark.

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Legal Entity  Information


Date of Establishment: March 7, 2013

Partners: Gaziantep Technology Development  Zone Founder and Operator Inc. (Single Partner)


Chairman of the Board: Prof. Dr. Ali GÜR

General Director: Ekrem TEKİN

Main Activity Code: 721901 – The natural sciences and other research and experimental development activities about engineering

Address: Yamaçtepe Mh. Mahmut Tevfik Atay Blv. Gaziantep Teknopark, 4/A-Z4 PK.27310 Şahinbey/GAZİANTEP

Tel: +90 (342) 360 06 11

Fax: +90 (342) 360 06 12

Tax ID: 027253 Şahinbey Tax Departmen 3890724732

Central Registration System Number: 0389072473200016

Trade Registration Number: 39854

PIC Code: 935996748





Bank Account Information

Routing Number and Name of Branch: 1338 GAZİANTEP ÜNİ.ŞUBESİ/GAZİANTEP

Account Number: 10100096

IBAN: TR450001200133800010100096


On-going Projects

  • The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), 6130014 numbered, Gaziantep University Target Technology Transfer Office Inc. Project
  • The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), 4160035 numbered, ‘Enteggre BIGG’ Individual Young Entrepreneurship Program Project
  • COSME Program 699213 South Inno-Gate Project